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Drum Transporters

Drum Truck - Standard Series

This truck is ideal for palletising / unpalletising or transporting 205 litre drums manufactured from steel or plastic.   Drums can be placed easily onto sumps upto a maximum height of 260mm. Fitted with large 350mm Dia front wheels and two rear 150mm Dia stabilising wheels to enable easy transportation even over long distances. Wheels can be either pneumatic or solid rubber tyred  All our trucks are finished in a sturdy Blue powder coat or a hot dip Galvanised Finish

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Low Profile Drum Caddy

Removable handle is used to tilt drum for position on dolly and feature a built in bung nut wrench and seal remover. Sturdy 150mm Dia Poly Wheels give the unit smooth movement under load   Easily transport 30 or 55 gallon steel, plastic or fibre drums.

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Hydraulic Drum Truck - Heavy Duty

This unit is ideal for carrying and moving of 210 Ltr Drums. Can be operated by 1 man . Units lifts Drum after engaging and then fastens when moving. 

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Low Profile Hydraulic Drum Truck

Our low profile drum truck will ergonomic lift, transport, and places poly, steel, of fibre drums on or pallets. The unit has a spring-loaded clamp which will securely holds any rimmed drum and lift to a height suitable for placing onto most vehicle loading platforms. A compact design eables you to operate with minimal effort and easily disassemble for compact storage.

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Drum Dispenser / Transporter (Dual Purpose)

A high quality CE marked drum handler with remarkable versatility! The drum handler raises, transports, rotates, tilts and drains fully loaded drums. Unit carries the full weight of the drum. Easy design for ease of use dual, fingertip operated locks secure the raised drum. Drum is locked in vertical position to avoid spills or horizontal position for draining through a faucet. When unlocked, the drum may be turned end-over-end to agitate contents or tipped and held manually at any angle. Very simple to move and steer on its polyurethane roller bearing wheels and swivel caster. This unit is an essential addition to any drum handling equipment range offering maximum flexibility coupled with high performance and great value for money. To view product video click link below :  

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Ergonomic Drum Handler

The IP Ergonomic Hydraulic Drum Handler will ergonimically lift , transport and place poly, steel, or fibre drums on or off pallets and lift them to height. A spring - loaded clamp securely holds any rimmed drum. It has swivel steering wheels for easy positioning and precision roller bearing load wheels for maximum stability. Legs adjust for different pallet. Handles 55-85 gallon drums  

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Hydraulic Drum truck

This product is ideal for lifting & transporting 210 litre drums. You will be easily able to move your drums around due to the robust design with two big size rollers plus one rear castor wheel. An easy to operate locking mechanism grips to top of drum securely and safely

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Hydraulic Drum Truck Range

This hydraulic Drum Truck is ideal for lifting and transporting steel drums with a top lip. Straddle leg for picking up drum from a Euro Pallet. Spring-loaded steel jaws securely grip the top lip of the drum. Simple design for ease of use preventing accidents . This unit features a manual mechanical hand ratchet crank lift mechanism. Includes two rigid and one locking swivel castor.

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Ergonomic Drum Transporter

This industry leading ergonomic drum handler is highly manoeuvrable to assist the safe and easy transportation of drums throughout your facility. The Ergonomic Drum handler features a unique two poly wheel and two poly caster arrangement to give a smooth easy steer movement. This unit operates by grabbing drums from a standard pallet with a drum clawgrab , raises the drums up, and will transports them throughout the facility. The auto lock drum clawgrab gives a positive lock onto the rim of the drum enabling a safe and secure lift. The drum will not then release until lowered keeping you and your workforce safe.    The unit will also remove drums from the corner of containment skids. Click here to view unit in operation  

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