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Drum Tilt Lever

Quick and convenient way of upending and down ending drums. The WF24077 has a simple operation involving twin hooks engaging in rim of Drum and tipping force applied by operator suitable for tilting and upending only. The WF24078 also has a simple operation involving twin hooks engaging in rim and full lenght of the drum. The tipping force is applied by operator and this product is suitable for tilting , upending and downending the drum. Both units have a strong but lightweight construction with powder coated finish and will operate with 210Ltr Steel Drums with a reinforced rim  

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Drum Closure Key

Our most popular drum accessory ! These keys will easily remove bungs from both Steel and Plastic containers. An attractive zinc coating gives long term protection against corrosion with a plastic handgrip for ease of use. Non sparking brass version is available for use with hazardous or explosive contents. Our steel universal drum closure key or wrench will remove any drum plug , a bronze version is available for all drums containing flammables. The long handle makes opening easier for the operator.

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Security Shear Bolts

Shear Bolts ( Pack of 10 ) to be supplied for additional security when assembling the cage. Simply apply a torque and the bolt will shear in the locked position leaving a smooth fastened surface preventing easy tampering with hand tools.  

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Adjustable Shelves

1400mm long x 400mm deep wooden Adjustable shelves for use inside our range of high Secity Cages . Shelves are supported on Steel brackets locked into 1200mm tall twin slot suppports for fully flexible movement . Simply set the shelves at the height that suuits your needs. Shelves will be fitted on the rear face of the cage unless otherwise specified.     Additional shelves can be added using the Code WTAS-1 ( see below )

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Hook On Drip Tray

Recent legislation and general good work place practice makes a drip tray essential for any vertical drum storage solution. This handy drip tray hooks neatly onto the framework of all stands keeping the tray off from the ground. The plastic tray insert will capture all spilt fluids for later safe disposal in line with your comany's COSHH practices.    

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