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Gas Cylinder Trolleys

Trollies for the handling and transportation of Gas Cylinders. Our well designed range of gas cylinder trucks are highly renowned for their excellent quality and excellent design .  Our trucks are all Uk manufactured and come with a 3 year manufacturers guarantee .  Models WTS177L & WCT277L are designed to carry a maximum cylinder size of 286mm dia x 1575mm height The tubular steel frame fitted with two 125mm rubber tyred rear support castors and 265mm steel centred rubber  tyres for a sturdy yet maneovrable performance Cylinders are held in place with a retaining chain for added security when in use Models WCT277L, WCT201L & WCT201P are zinc plated for use in damp environments

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Gas Cylinder Storage Stands

Storage stands for storing gas cylinders. A choice of two types of stand. Both are suitable for floor mounting - each available for three Gas cylinder sizes. Fully welded mild steel construction. Hinged latch stands have two hinged access latches secured by wing nuts. Finish - epoxy powder coated blue.

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Gas Cylinder Pallet Cage

Pallets for the transportation of Gas Cylinders.Our range of gas cylinder pallets are of a fully welded construction with supporting sides and central sections  to give a robust sturdy design.   A steel non-slip steel floor will aid the safe loading and unloading of cylinders which are securely restrained  with the fitted retaining chain/strap.  Models WGCP01Z and WGCP02Z are suitable for transporting cylinders with the use of a pallet truck, with width  across forks of 680mm Model WGCP03Z is suitable for transportation by fork lift only

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Gas Cylinder Storage Unit

Storage units for storing Gas cylinders  Innovative modular unit for storing Gas Cylinders in a safe and convenient manner for COSHH regulations. Stack storage racks onto the base unit to give excellent storage capacity. Each unit has a capacity for 11 Gas Cylinders stored horizontally. The units are stackable, with or without the slanting base which allows 4 way entry for loading or unloading by fork lift truck. Gas Cylinders containing dissolved or liquified gases should be stored vertically. Gas Cylinder dia 100-178mm. Gas Cylinder length 1200mm max  

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A robust, versatile high security cage, ideal for storing gas cylinders or expensive tools and equipment. A unique innovative design allows it to fold down to just 180mm in seconds without removing or detaching any parts. Benefitting from a fully galvanised heavy duty construction, the TuffCage is designed to save you time, space and money! Key features: One piece construction with no removable parts Very quickly erected and dismantled Folds down to 180mm high Galvanised to sustain all weather conditions 2 padlock points Easily stacked when folded down, with the fork skids on the base Suitable as a secure cage for tools and equipment

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Gas Cylinder Storage Lock Up Cage

This unit is a fully welded angle iron construction with a steel square mesh infill giving maximum security and peace of mind for the user. The base is drilled to enable the unit to be bolted down or pallet base. Hinged doors are provided  with hasp and staple for padlocking ( Padlock not provided ) . The pallet base option enables the cage to be transported easily. Finished with an attractive blue powder as standard . For Black finish inform the sales team on the office number when ordering .   

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Tall Cylinder Support Trucks

This range of trucks are designed to carry cylinder loads on 3-wheel base, thus minimising operator fatigue and risk.They can carry both 230mm and 275mm diameter cylinders.  The units are easy to load with bottom support flat foot plate and have either a plate 125mm or stem fixed 100mm rear swivel diameter castor fitted with rubber tyre. The 2 front wheels are fitted with 200mm solid rubber tyred wheels and roller bearings for ease of movement.  There is a choice of fixed position ( FP ) or Adjustable rake ( AR ) back to rear support to enable you to change the angle of the cylinder lean in the resting position. Adjustable ranke units are typically on a 48hr deaptch ( will be confirmed at point of order )    

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Single Cylinder Trolley

Our range of Single Cylinder Trollies are designed for both 230mm and 275mm diameter cylinder. Equipped with a choice of single bar handle with steel link retention chains or Loop handle with steel retaining this range of trollies will suit all your cylinder requirements.  All trollies are fitted with 2 x 200mm diameter rubber tyres wheels with roller bearings for a smooth movement over most surfaces. All cylinders trollies are attractively finished in a hardwearing Blue epoxy powder paint.   

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