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Single Sided Uprights

Cantilever racks are designed for the safe and organised storage of long and heavy loads - ideal for timber or metal storage. Our racking solutions have carried in excess of 30 tonnes per upright. The robust design of steel cantilever racks delivers reliable storage solutions for heavy applications and arduous environments. These units offer the flexibility of bolted adjustable cantilever arms, our most popular design, to make warehouse racking simpler as a variety of different sized products can be stored safely and securely. Our cantilever rack systems are an effective and efficient alternative to conventional lighter weight storage solutions. Manufactured in UK from standard structural steel sections, Our cantilever racks are designed to suit a particular storage problem, using well established design criteria to provide bespoke racking solutions. Our cantilever rack systems are finished in a range of standard colours or frequently galvanised for use in outdoor storage applications.  

Horizontal Drum Sling

A simple and ecomonic method for horizontally lifting Drums. For lifting 210 litre drums with overhead hoist. All steel construction W240179  suitable for open top or tight head steel drum, and plastic drums with L or XL ring. Semi-automatic tong model WDN500 suitable for steel drums-open top and tight head. To operate set locking lever in locked open position. When central over the horizontal. Drum release lever to allow hooks to fall and locate under both rims. Hooks automatically engage as is lifted and disengage as drum is set down.