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Hydraulic Drum truck

This product is ideal for lifting & transporting 210 litre drums. You will be easily able to move your drums around due to the robust design with two big size rollers plus one rear castor wheel. An easy to operate locking mechanism grips to top of drum securely and safely

Ergonomic Drum Transporter

This industry leading ergonomic drum handler is highly manoeuvrable to assist the safe and easy transportation of drums throughout your facility. The Ergonomic Drum handler features a unique two poly wheel and two poly caster arrangement to give a smooth easy steer movement. This unit operates by grabbing drums from a standard pallet with a drum clawgrab , raises the drums up, and will transports them throughout the facility. The auto lock drum clawgrab gives a positive lock onto the rim of the drum enabling a safe and secure lift. The drum will not then release until lowered keeping you and your workforce safe.    The unit will also remove drums from the corner of containment skids. Click here to view unit in operation